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Memorizing music excercise n. 1

Memorizing music excercise n. 1



12294860_418420165024071_7299181861816140090_nL’associazione Le Officine e la Fondazione “Giuseppe Siotto” sono liete di presentare il concerto del pianista Stefano Mancuso nel salone dei ritratti di via dei Genovesi 114 venerdì 27 novembre alle 21.


BACH-BUSONI Ciaccona in Re minore

L. van BEETHOVEN Sonata in Mi bemolle maggiore op. 81a “Les Adieux”

– Das Lebewohl Adagio – Allegro

– Abwesenheit Andante espressivo

– Das Wiedersehen Vivacissimamente


Ballata in Sol minore op. 23

Ballata in Fa maggiore op. 38

Ballata in La bemolle maggiore op. 47

Ballata in Fa minore op. 52

Ingresso: 7.00 €
Venerdì 27 novembre alle ore 21. Palazzo Siotto, via dei Genovesi 114, Cagliari.
Concerto organizzato dall’associazione Le Officine, in collaborazione con la Fondazione di ricerca “Giuseppe Siotto”, Associazione Mozart – Italia – sede di Cagliari, MiBACT.


For memory we mean not only the ability to retain information, but also and above all the ability to make them available in the desired sequence (2.1). The ability to have access to previously stored data and make them available is based on the ability to organize them into sequences with sense (structures) for the purpose of a particular performance. Do you remember the example of the library in 2.2? It is not enough to acquire the data, but you have to organize them according to criteria that allow quick access and safe at all times to the data previously acquired (stored).

3.2 Summary

Sitting at the piano to study or perform a piece is a process made possible thanks to the constant work and integrated four main types of memory:

– Musical or auditory memory
– Memory analytic or rational
– Physical memory or muscle
– Visual memory

It should first be pointed out that the different memories do not work almost never individually, but in close cooperation with each other. Think of a work team, a real team, where everyone will render assistance in terms of information in collaboration with others, though each in quantities and qualities according to the type of task required, thus forming a genuine network of information. The more dense is the network, the more this will be strong and efficient. In practice there are several associations of memories, and, as in a chain, the various associations end to activate the Physical Memory (or muscle).